30 October 2011

Knitting, Football, and Other Things

I spent a majority of the day working on my second "Little Miss Pullover" for my younger cousin, Amelia. I am nearly done with the bodice. I only have to complete the lace at the end and make the sleeves- then it will be finished. I decided to use some of the leftover yarn from the pullover I made my older counsin, Hallie into a Calorimetry style headband. I made it more headband style so it is not nearly as wide as the Calorimetry pattern calls for. Since I don't really have much time to knit when I get home in the evening, I will likely finish the pullover Saturday, hopefully at the latest.

This week the Bears and Packers were both on bye weeks, so we watched the Steeler game. I am quite happy that the Steelers won over the blech Tom Brady and Patriots. Both sides seemed to be having a bit of an issue this week.

Today on Lifetime they showed The Holiday. It was a movie that I had not seen before, and sadly there was not much of interest to watch at the time. It was surprisingly a good movie. I am planning on taking my father to Ireland next year sometime. The movie uses a house swap, but it got my brain spinning to thinking of a possible rental on a house. I checked things out online and found some amazing, quaint, places to rent for cheaper than it would be to join a bus tour. At least this would allow us to do what we wanted and when. I am hoping that the cost of flights go down.

Well, time to get my knitting finished for the evening then head to bed.


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