27 November 2011

Back Again...

Tomorrow I head back to work. Oh, I'm overjoyed. (Could you sense the sarcasm?) I have been given a stay through the end of the student's session of December 11th. That means that I will go back to work on Monday and Tuesday and that Tuesday the 13th is when I will be told if they are keeping me or not. Truthfully, I really just wish they would say yea or nay as soon as possible and stop dicking about. It is just too bad that I can't tell my boss that. I have a feeling that they will try to do something to make me quit so they don't have to pay any unemployment. Yes that is how shady this place may be. Well, time will tell. In the mean time I have two weeks left of work to go.

I am trying not to think about it. Well, time to head to bed.


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