08 November 2011

Creating a Resume Website

This weekend I am going to work on creating a website to showcase some of my work to help boost my resume. Now comes the time when I need to work towards narrowing down what to actually place on my website.

I have fashion design, pattern creation, spec packages, photography, and sketches that I can utilize for my Fashion Design degree. This will definitely be mainly visual.

I also have a degree in merchandising. With this degree I have experience with advertising, marketing, PR, journalism writing, runway production, and helping to source and cost a clothing line from design through production to store delivery. The merchandising degree is where it will be a bit more difficult to produce some work. Even more difficult is that for my grad degree.

I have an MBA in Operations Management. Basically this degree was about how to keep a company running effectively and efficiently through continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, cost and sourcing analysis. I also learned how to do production time lines for parts delivery, use, to final product(ion) completion. This section will definitely be the most writing and least flashy of the three.

I think I am also going to add a section for interests such as my knitwear design, knitting, sketching, and photography.

In excess of all the flashy stuff I will be including a tab with my actual resume and a tab that lists my skills- something that you would commonly find on a CV.

In the end I certainly hope this helps to set me apart of the mass amount of applicants so that prospective employers can see my previous work examples and capability.

I just need to get out of my stressful job as soon as possible.

Well as usual- now off to bed.


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  1. Hey you have a very good academic profile.
    It will be great if you provide your sample resume on your resume website. I'll wait for your next post.