20 November 2011

Quick Post Before Bed

Today, Sunday, I had to work. Joy. I did meet my minimum metrics so on Tuesday we shall see how close I am to the chopping block. I am just so tired of seeing the ax above my head and not knowing when it will come swinging down. If I knew a date that basically that next day, I will no longer have a job- it would be a relief. I would have a definite end in sight and be able to start working to put this job far behind me.

I am just so tired of all the compliments on how well I do my work, know policies and procedures, etc., "but you just aren't doing as much as you need to be". Just let me know that this date you are gone- and we will leave it at that.

Oh well, off to hell (work) I go tomorrow morning. Wednesday- 5pm cannot come quick enough.


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