05 November 2011

Deciding on a New Computer

I started with three different possibilities:
* 13" MacBook Pro
* 21.5" iMac
* Mac mini

I went to the Apple store at the local mall on Thursday after work. I was disappointed by all of the people in blue shirts just standing around chatting. I was not greeted upon entering the store and not once was I approached and offered assistance. Granted I know that if someone wants to purchase something in this store, they will go to the counter and just order what they want. It still would have been nice to have been acknowledged once in the store, especially if I am going to be shelling out between 1- 2 grand on a single item.

Anyways- the computer that I am looking for I want to be able to use as a daily computer for general internet surfing but I am mainly looking for a computer that I can carry out graphic design on.

First I played with the MacBook Pro. It was nice, but for the price I would have liked to have a larger screen, especially for doing design on. The track pad was decent but I would totally need to have a mouse to get a nicer "handle" when using Illustrator or Photoshop.

I moved over to the iMac and fell in love. The screen is gorgeous with the resolution. I used iMacs that had a magic mouse or track pad connected. Both have their pros and cons. I was very surprised as to how heavy the magic mouse was and not completely impressed by it. The track pad is great for browsing the internet or for applications where finger swipes can be used as commands. The mouse is still something that I would feel more comfortable using for design purposes.

The Mac Mini is a cute square hard drive. If you are using CDs/ DVDs you will need to get a drive since the Mac Mini does not have a disc drive. The mouse/ track pad and even keyboard are sold separately as well. You also have to purchase a monitor since the mini is just the hard drive and nothing more.

The price with all accessories needed for the Mini vs. the iMac is a difference of $700+. The iMac I was looking at has 1T of memory while the Mini is half that. My biggest issue is- what happens if I get the iMac (which is an all in one computer) and the screen goes out? Am I now left with a 1T hard drive and nothing more? At least with the Mini the monitor is separate from the hard drive so if the monitor goes out I can always replace that but I would still have my "computer".

Decisions, decisions...

I am heading to Best Buy to look at monitors tomorrow. If I can find a fabulous resolution screen that with the price of the Mac Mini is still well below the price of the iMac... I am sure you can figure out which way I will be leaning. I love the looks and qualities of the iMac, but I am still really worried about the monitor blowing.

I am planning on getting the protection plan which will hopefully cover the screen, but what happens after the 3 year policy expires. I highly doubt I will have the money to replace the computer in 3 years unless my life drastically improves.

Well, at least I will have plenty of fun tomorrow playing with the Macs and looking at the different screens.


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