04 November 2011

Some Pictures...

Okay, so yesterday I promised some really nice pictures of my projects. Unfortunately that is not what I am posting.

The pictures are not amazing due to the fact that they were taken on my phone and the hats are currently in the process of being blocked on dinner plates.

I finally got around to sewing all the ends in to all three berets. The fair isle beret had sooooo many ends. Yes, I hate that part the most of knitting- sewing in ends is really dull.

This is my Skull Isle beret (the designer named it Scare Isle). The blue color is really purple. Underneath there is orange/black pattern of bats. I will be posting better pictures when the hat has finished being blocked. I made this beret out of Knit Picks Palette yarn. The yarn is a dream for knitting fair isle in but it will felt in a heart beat if you let it near any warm water. Strict gentle handling and cold water only for this beret.

This is the Through the Woods beret that I named Autumn Woods due to the lovely color of yarn that I found. The yarn is Malabrigo and it is super soft and squishy. I personally love the Malbrigo yarn brand so very much.
This beret I have titled my Type O Negative beret. The band Type O Negative (RIP Peter) use the colors of black and green (sometimes neon green) for their album covers. The yarn is black with neon green patches from Grinning Gargoyle. I really like how it came out with the green spiraling around that hat. Please pay no attention to the blue shown in the yarn overs of the hat- it is from the plate.

In other knitting news... I am almost done with one sleeve of my cousin's sweater and then only have the second sleeve to knit. From there it is just weaving in ends, blocking, and I should be able to drop it off on Sunday.

Well off to bed to catch up on my DVR.


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