21 November 2011

Knitting Progress

Well, my mom's keyhole scarf is complete. I finished sewing in the ends during my lunch break today. She said that she will be wearing it tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I will post one when my digital camera is charged and ready to go.

My aunt's mittens are coming along nicely. I am finishing the ribbing before casting off, then I only have the thumb to complete and the right fingerless mittens will be complete. Then onto the last one. Hoping to have it complete and ready for Thursday. At least the pattern is a pretty quick knit so there is that plus.

Anyways... one day down at work, 2 more left this week. Not looking forward to my weekly meeting with my manager. Same bs, different week. It also sounds like there may be some job losses at my company. There already has been at the parent company that is over the company I work for. I guess only time will tell.

Off to watch House and finish some ribbing.


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