28 November 2011


Well I did a number on my ankle over the holiday. I ended up bashing my ankle into one of the pointy fronts of the runner on a rocking chair. Needless to say that my ankle is many lovely shades of unnatural colors though mainly still blue. The bad part is that it is still swollen and the ball of my foot is painful to walk on. I usually end up walking with my foot rolled off the ball. It tweaks my ankle but gets off the ball. After days of it seeming to not get better and still be painful, I am heading to the doctor in the morning. One of the lovely walk-in clinics. joy. I will need to bring something to listen to and knit while I am there. Sadly, I am hoping something is broken so I can get a cast. I have never had one- only a splint, bandage and a sling for my arm once. Although it is likely, if I get anything it will probably be one of the moon boots. lovely. Well, I am still heading to bed so I can inform my people at work bright and early that I will not be coming in.

-still crossing my fingers for a cast-


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