17 November 2011

Oh Sheldon

I cannot express how much I love The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon is such a great character and tonight's episode was one of the best in awhile. Sheldon finally admitted that Amy is his girlfriend after a small bout of jealousy due to another potential suitor, Stewart. Stewart is awesome. I love the character and the guy that plays him. Stewart is a lonely comic book store owner, and that is just fabulous- especially to a geek like me.

Penny was a hoot in this episode as well. Sadly the writers are making her a bit of a lush. Not sure if the writers are planning some sort of intervention or what. While it is amusing, I don't think all of the alcohol and portraying her as a drunk is really needed to keep her character interesting.

Moving on... this is definitely an episode that will be saved to my DVR to watch repeatedly. I am hoping that Penny and Leonard get back together, but I don't think  that will happen.

And in other news... I will be going out on a lunch date tomorrow. He picked the time (friend zone much?). Anyways, shall see if anything comes out of it.

-Off to bed to rematch tonight's Big Bang.


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