10 November 2011

Walk Tall...

Okay... I am going to leave you with a light hearted and fun post this evening. I live in the US but am in love with the BBC series from a few years ago- Blackpool. If you have not heard of it, don't be surprised. It is not available for sale in the US on DVD and you cannot locate the soundtrack either.

Why is it awesome? Well... for me I have three words. David Tennant Singing! I mean what more do you really need.

First I adore David since he is by far my favorite doctor (Doctor Who). I began with 9, but 10 really pulled at the heart strings so much. 11 is good, but he is nowhere near David.

Second, the series has drama, comedy... and singing! Songs like "The Boy With the Thorn in His Side", "Walk Tall", "White Wedding", "These Boots Are Made for Walking" and the list goes on.

I highly recommend you search on YouTube for Blackpool and watch some of the music taken from bits of the series or even watch some episodes while on there.

After watching some of the songs, I usually get Walk Tall stuck in my head. Have fun and experience something new :)


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