12 November 2011

Baking delight

I finally got my apple pies made this evening. Golden delicious apples make some of the best apple pies. I love making apple pies but I absolutely hate peeling the apples. I wish I had an automat apple peeler (or someone that would do it for me). That would make things so much easier and quicker.

Anyways, they are quite delicious. I know that I will be making many more. This time when I made them, they have pie crust tops instead of a crumb crust. I personally like the looks and taste of a crumb crust much more.

My pumpkin pies are going to get made tomorrow.

On a side note this evening I did get the chance to reconnect with a cousin that I have not seen in over 10 years. He is back living in the same area that I am and I do think that it is sad how my generation does not keep in touch like my parents do with their cousins.

Well, it's that time again to relax and get ready for bed.


PS- Primeval's new season started this evening (in the US)! Yay for a DVR.

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