16 November 2011

I dare you...

to listen to the Dropkick Murphys song- "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" or " Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya" and not have your foot tap to the beat, sing along, or get up and dance.

It will be difficult to completely refrain from doing any of those while listening to those songs- and really listen to the actual song with the melodies.

I have been on my German electronica kick for quite sometime, but I still do come back to my Irish music station. The songs, jigs, and lyrics are so wonderful to listen to.

I personally love music. Music can help to change my mood and be a great motivator for me. I personally listen to music- it is a must for me- when cooking or baking. I also always have some music going while I write my blog each evening.

Sorry for the off kilter post, my brain is tired and fried. Well off to bed. Thursday is my last day of my typical work week, though sadly I have to return on Sunday for a shift. At least then I only have Monday- Wednesday with the holiday. That will be a nice four day weekend.


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