15 November 2011

To Hell and Back

That was my journey after work. I had to go to Babies 'R' Us (aka Hell). My team lead at work is pregnant and due with her first child, a girl, around Xmas- so I had to go shopping for her shower. I call that store Hell because as someone that personally does not see myself spawning at all in the near or distant future, going to that store with teacup humans running around or screaming makes my blood curdle.

Also, why does it cost near $40-50 for an outfit for a child? I didn't realize that a 0-18 month child cost that much to clothe. If it wasn't frowned upon I would say use a flour sack for the child. One could go in to debt just paying for a kid's clothing let alone all of the other bloody supplies that are needed throughout their growing.

I spent around $40 and what did I get? --rubbery coated baby spoons, rubbery coated toddler spoons, microwaveable plates with covers, microwaveable bowls with covers, teething rings, and two noisy- pull things to keep the teacup human occupied. Seriously- $40 for that!?! Then of course it was near another $10 with tissue paper, card, bag, and tax of course.

Call me selfish, but I could have gotten at least 3-4 skeins of yummy Malabrigo yarn with that money. Oh well, I guess I just don't get it.

Well... time to go watch The Ringer and Covert Affairs.


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