07 November 2011

Trying to Find the Meaning of Life

I have been thinking a lot recently about my life- where it is heading, what changes I need to make, ways to improve myself and my life.

My life would be a lot more carefree if I did not have a huge amount of student loans over my head. To deal with them and to enjoy work more I really need to locate a new job. I have 2 undergrad degrees and one grad degree, but right now the economy is crap and any job is few and far between. Still I hope that the website I will be creating and the resumes that I will be sending will help me get to a better life than the one I have right now.

Sorry to be so short and bleak- I just have a lot on my mind and had a rough day at work dealing with people with a serious case of self entitlement. Anyways... off to bed to watch some shows before 5am comes again.

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