13 November 2011

Back to Work Tomorrow

I am at least happy that I get to work my shorter days this week. It will be a nice break and I will actually get to join my knit group on Wednesday.

In a funner, and happier note- I got to meet up with one of my cousins that I have not seen in 10 years. We were never raised around each other, but I still think that my generation for the  most part has lost touch with their cousins and other family that are their age and spread out. Anyways it was good to be able to catch up with him and see how things have been going since the last time I saw him all those years ago.

And now for something completely different...

I got the sweater for my cousin finished today. Right now it is blocking on the dining room table. I am happy to get that taken care of. I am also looking forward to delivering it and then seeing the two garments when they get their family photo taken. I am also making some matching calorimetry-esque headbands as well.

Okay, enough sining for the evening on my end- I have been singing Mrs. Lovett's parts to various Sweeney Todd songs while typing this.

Of to bed and watch Once Upon a Time.


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